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About Us-U.S. International Financial Investment Group

U.S. International Financial Investment Group, a large-scale international investment group, has three subsidiaries which operate U.S. auto business, U.S. auto loans and U.S. tourism respectively.  The other investments include: banks investment, U.S. listing and financing, direct funds investment, auto sale loan, auto mortgage, securities investment, insurance investment, real estate investment and direct sale industry etc. We are a diversified investment and development group.

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Phone :626-282-8588 Fax :626-282-1518 E-mail: USATSI648@GMAIL.COM

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U.S. International Financial Investment Group

Address:227 W. VALLEY BLVD SIUTE #288-AB

Tel:626-282-8588 Fax:626-282-1518

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Address:227 W. VALLEY BLVD SIUTE #288-AB  Tel:626-282-8588  Fax:626-282-1518